Hello world!

Challenges between the races is nothing new. Folks have been discussing our differences forever. I believe we are a lot more alike than we want to admit.  A person does not need to look like for me to care for them. I simply need to like their personality or become drawn to them physically.

No race has a monopoly on beauty or fine, lick your fingers male flesh.

Everyone is entitled to choose what makes them happy, despite what others think. This discussion is not to bash any race, gender or nationality. We all make up the garden of life. But there are some things we can talk about.

For instance, how much does the size of a man’s rear cheeks matter? I’ve seen men of all races with flat asses, so you can’t just put that on caucasian men. And is the rumor true that white men are more oral than other men? Come on, give up the info. We want to know what you think.

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