Next up, Ultimate Breed.

I’ve always loved paranormal romances, they tend to stretch the boundaries of our imaginations. Nothing happens with The Ultimate’s knowledge, Nothing. What if the animals written of in the final book, were already here? What if they lived amongst us, preparing for the end times? Everyone has a role to play and The Ultimate is the Maestro conducting a grand orchestra. Every once in a while there are discordant notes that must be challenged and corrected, but in the end, the Maestro has His orchestrated masterpiece.

Ultimate Breed is book one in The Ultimate Chronicles, a series recording the challenges of those that are here with permission, having the same hopes, dreams and requirements as us. Be prepared to stretch your imagination, after all that is the beauty of fiction.



  1. This book was great! I can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Hi I just discovered your books on ARE. Bought Specials Forces read it then went back for the other one that you had out .Glad I was off today i stayed up till 3am reading. Can’t wait for the others to come out

    • Thanks, Denise and Red’s story will be out later in March. They are a fun couple trying to work through some things. Hope you like them.

  3. I loved both your books. I am now a fan. Please Please Please let me know when your next book hit the ebook market. I found you on ARE and Smashwords. Please keep in touch!!!

    • Thanks so much Avonna. I have two books coming out this month. One is the second book in the Men of 3X CONStruction series, that will be on Amazon and ARe, Smashwords this weekend (March 12 or 13th). The other is an interracial paranormal novel, it will be out within the next ten days. I value your feedback, please let me know what you think about the characters or storyline.

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