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There are so many awesome interracial authors out there who have phenomenal stories. I have been collecting them for years. From time to time, a guest author will be here to discuss their work and take your questions.



  1. Just finsihed Ready For Love!!! You are 3-0, it was great! I am hooked. I have put you in my top ten with my must buy list. Looking forward to paranormal and Smoke’s story. Will Roark and Brenda have a story? What is Frank’s story? I can’t wait to see what happens next. Usually I don’t like cliffhangers, I hate buying them. But you have made me a believer. How soon can I get my hands on Smokes book? You do excellent work!!!!!

    • thanks, Red’s brothers are colorful and I am thinking of a story with Brenda and Roark. Frank’s a landscaper and has his mom’s looks and personality. We’ll see what happens later with him. I try to solidify the love or HEA of each couple in each book, but the mystery or suspense has to span all three books.

      Smoke’s lil brother was a nice surprise! I hope he doesn’t just show up. Another twist?

  2. I have read all three books that you have on amazon. Loved them. can’t wait to read smoke’s story and i also checked out your website. when is nikki story coming out. it looks good. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much Cherryce!! Niki’s Challenge should be out this summer. Where There’s Smoke… should be out the end of April, beginning of May. I love those ex-cons, so don’t-playish!


  3. Read some of your work at the Chamber, before you were published Love It! I was really excited when you began publishing your work.You now have your own folder on my Nook. Special Forces will always be my personal favorite, But Ready for Love was absolutely awesome. Looking forward to Where There’s smoke.
    On a side note, I notices a book by the name of Gerri Training, it seemed similar to Gerri’s Reward. Was wondering if it was a collaboration or just coincidence.

    • Sorry I made a mistake with the titles. The Book I’m asking about is “Training Jeri” by S.J. Nelson. Appears to be very similar to “Jeri’s Reward”, lead characters have the same name. Would like to purchase, but don’t want to get the wrong book.

      • Thank You, thank you, and thank you. I love the Chamber and still read some of the wonderful authors there when I have time. I was enjoying Bloom in Blossom, and am enjoying Suprina’s story. Such great story tellers. I gave them a shout out in Special Forces. Because it was the reviews from that site that inspired me to publish that manuscript first.
        Please rate Ready for Love at the place you purchased and if possible leave a review, it helps others make a quality decision about the story and I’d appreciate it.
        Training Jeri was changed a lot, shortened and is different from Jeri’s Reward. It still has the Discipline element, but not as strong. I let S.J. publish it with Sitting Bull Publishing house.
        Once again, I’m so glad to hear from you, I feel like I’m connecting to my roots. 🙂


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