Hi, I’m Erosa, an interracial romance author. I have been collecting romance authors from every genre for the past twenty plus years. I also have a few books that will be coming out January 2011. The industry has changed. Paranormal, gay, BDSM, interracial and fantasy romance stories are finding their way to bookshelves, both electronic and traditional. I guess the powers that be have realized that the world is a huge place and readers demand a variety of stories mimicking real life.

 Interracial romance comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Black and white may be the most obvious, but by no means are they solitary. Every race and creed under the sun has at one time tasted forbidden fruit. Many were disowned, discredited and disbarred for their love. Some lost their lives and fortunes.

 It seems that a chapter has turned in the book of life for many of us and we find ourselves on a new or different page. While we are not ignorant of our differences, we focus and embrace our similarities.

 Let’s face it, a good friend is a good friend, color, language or food choices matter little when you are in a life threatening situation. He could be striped for all that matters. You want your partner at your back!

 Our children are leading us out of a dark time in history. Check out most high schools. Music, dance, dress, the language! The youth of today look at the older generation and are amazed that we still  judge one another so superficially. My son’s friends come to the house and they are a menagerie of personalities, backgrounds and ethnicities. But to my son, they are his boys.

We have a long way to go in this melting pot of life, but as we bump against one another in the stew, a realization that we are more alike than different seeps in and settles. After a while, I can’t remember why I was hesitant to talk to you, and you can’t remember why you didn’t talk to me. We just chill and deal with our challenges in life like everyone else.

People first.

 And those that still have problems with our choices, we refuse to allow their ignorance to become our burden.



  1. I stumbled into your books. I am always on the look out for other interracial authors. I purchased special forces and 3xconstruction and fell in love with your writing. I am waiting for you next book. Your characters are real and you can relate to them. Keep up the good work and you have a fan for life.

    • thanks so much Vickie, I appreciate your kind words. Smoke’s story will be out in May, and should answer the ‘who dunnit’ questions.

      Thanks again, Erosa

      • where is the best web site to purchase
        your books?

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