Hello everyone, Secrets is here!

Whew! I finished the required edits on Secrets and I’m happy to say it’s finally up and out. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, BookStrand, Smashwords and All Romance Books. Now that the publisher is happy, let me say writing that story was an emotional journey. The research dealing with statistics and the reality of children stolen and taken into slavery and/or prostitution left me gagging. That’s why the penalty is so harsh for the culprit in this story. I know I’ll get some blow-back but at the time, that’s where I was at. Killing him off was simply too merciful for me.

Anyways, thanks for your patience and if you haven’t read Veronique and Frank’s love story going on over at www.menof3xconstruction.com. go ahead and read it. It’s free!!!

Can you believe it September already? Have a great Labor day!!!




  1. Hi Erosa i read secrets and loved the story. It kept my attention i read the book in one day. I was wondering if you plan to make secrets a series. I’m sure hoping so.

    • I want to do something else with the mercenaries and their thirst for justice. So I’m looking into a sequel sometime in 2012. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know it was a heavy read.

  2. Hi Erosa, I was recently in barnes and noble and was upset none of your books were on the shelves and i the employees were rude. I was surprise no african american aurthor book were there. Barnes and Noble aren’t selling our aurthors books. At books a million they didn’t have the books but were nice enough to look them up and order them for me. They also had lots of our african american aurthor books on hand.

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