I met a man today…

This morning, I was inspecting a house (appraisal) and the owner has a serious landscaping business. Literally, I drooled at the waterfall and koi fish pond. It  was gorgeous. Then we got to talking. He told me his fiancee had never been to America. Well, since that’s the country in which we both lived, I looked at him with a question in my eye. You know what I mean. You don’t wanna come right out and aske the person their business, but since they brought it up…

Well it turns out he met his future wife online. And she lives in Russia. “With all the single women here, you went all the way to Russia for a woman?” I asked him. He said the selection was better over there. Unbelievable. He’s visited her three times and they talk online. He’s fifty, nice home and business. A lot of women in the grand US of A would’ve loved to meet a man like him.

I write fiction and that’s a story I would’ve written. But I doubt my readers would believe a man would propose after three face to face meetings. Or would they? Hmmmm.



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